Adding a different logo to the Login screen


Is it possible to have a different logo on the Login page than the one uploaded into Litmos? 


Yes, follow these steps.

  • The Logo file will need to be hosted on the internet, outside of Litmos through an image hosting service, like for example. This will allow you to have a URL for your image.
  • Go to Account settings >> Theme, and uncheck the option "Show this logo on the login screen". Click Save
  • Go to Account settings >> Messages and Settings and type the following code into the "Login" field (note, you can alter the width and height as required):
       <img src="YOUR IMAGE URL" width="250" height="250">

Here is an example of what the Login page will look like once you save these changes:


You will notice that above the logo, the message "Welcome to CompanyName" will be visible.

To Remove this, go to Account Settings >> Themes and enter the following code in the Custom CSS box:

body > div.login-zone.col-md-6.col-md-offset-3 > div > div > div.login-welcome.col-md-6 > div.intro,
body > div.login-zone.col-md-6.col-md-offset-3 > div > div > div.login-welcome.col-md-6 > h1 { display: none; }
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