Deep Linking to a course for Okta and OneLogin

Once we have the single sign on setup, we can use the RelayState query parameter to redirect the users to a specific Course directly upon login instead of the dashboard. This would be useful if the users are using the Course assigned email.


For Okta, the URL for deeplinking to a course should be something like below:

This is basically the App Embed Link followed by the relaystate query parameter. We can find the Embed link in the General settings of the Litmos application settings at Okta.

We can use the above in the Course assigned email as a Course link. Below is what we can use in the course assigned email for the deeplink to work.[COURSE_ID]


For OneLogin, its the same as above but the url would be SAML 2.0 Endpoint which we'll find in the SSO tab in litmos app settings in OneLogin.

Something like this

We can follow the same process as of Okta's by using link in the Course assigned email.[COURSE_ID]

[Course_ID] is the placeholder which will dynamically fetch the course id.




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