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Logging in to our Knowledge-base gives you access to additional features features. If you've already emailed support, you just need to create a password. If you haven't, you can easily create yourself as a user. Simply click the 'Sign in' located to the top right of your screen:


Seeing activity and Viewing/commenting on all tickets

View all of your tickets by going to your profile and selecting 'My Activities' from the dropdown:



Here, you can see and contribute to all of your tickets. We can also allow for you to see all of the tickets raised by your organisation. We will need the permission of your Litmos Account Owner to turn this on for you.

Following articles and sections

It's really useful for you to follow articles and sections that relate to how you're using Litmos. When you follow an article or section, you will receive an email when something gets updated.

The announcements article is a really good one to follow.


Providing feedback on articles

Please tell us what you think of the articles you review by clicking the thumbs up or down at the bottom of the article. It helps us understand where we can improve our knowledgebase:



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