Video Assessments

A Video Assessment is a module type that can be added to a course. When a Video Assessment is added to a course, all Learners assigned to that course will upload a recorded video into that module that fulfills the directions listed for that Video Assignment. The Video Assessment can be recorded in the module itself, or it can be pre-recorded and uploaded. Once the video is uploaded, reviewers can give comments and grade the video and it will require module marking by an Administrator. Comments can be submitted to the Learner and the video can be rated.

Creating a Video Assessment

  1. If Video Assessments have not been enabled for the account, as an Account Owner navigate to Accounts > Integrations > Enable Video Assessments. 
  2. From within the "Content" section of a Course, select "Create" and then select "Video Assessments".
  3. Give the Module a title and the text or question describing the exercise to the Learner.  Description is optional.  
  4. Edit any additional settings and click Save.  The additional settings are optional.  See below for more details.

Note: Video Assessments is a Premium feature and may be purchased at an additional price. 

Video Assessment Settings


Time Limit - The amount of time a Learner will have to make a video.  The learner will be prompted with this limit upon opening the module and a countdown will be shown while the recording is in progress.  The maximum time limit is 5 minutes.  

Display of Results - If checked, the Learner will be able to view the rating(s) and comment(s) given.  All ratings and comments shown to the Learner will be anonymous.  The results will be available after the module has been marked by and Administrator or Team Leader.  

If unchecked, the Learner will not be able to review the rating(s) and comment(s). 

Enable Review - When this option is checked, email addresses can be entered to receive an email when a Video Assessment has been completed by a Learner.  These emails will include submitted video along with the ability to give a rating and a comment.  See the "Reviewers" section below for more details. 

Taking a Video Assessment as a Learner

As with all other modules in Litmos, a Learner will take a Video Assessment as part of a course.  Once in the Video Assessment module, the learner will be shown the text for completing the task.  They will click the record button, record their video, choose a thumbnail to be shown and submit it. Learner will also have the option to upload a file. The file limit is 500MB. 

Note: The learner may be prompted to access their camera and microphone.  The learner must select "Allow" to proceed in recording a video. 


If the settings of the Video Assessment has Reviewers enabled, the email addresses listed will receive an email with the video and that user can give their comments and rating.  Once the video has been rated by an administrator by using the Marking Required feature (see below) or that link has been used to review the video, the video cannot be reviewed by Reviewers anymore. 

Marking Required

If the module requires marking to be complete, the completion trigger will occur when a user marks the module through the Marking Required feature from within Litmos. 

Marking Video Assessments can be found in:

  • Dashboard
  • Marking column in reports
  • Next to the module within the course




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