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Subscribe to Litmos on the ADP Marketplace 

In order to use Litmos' ADP integration, an ADP WorkforceNow license of version 12.0 or higher is required, and a Litmos app subscription must be purchased from the ADP marketplace. 

Paid Edition with 14 day Free trial

When purchasing a Litmos subscription from the ADP Marketplace, there is a Paid Edition and a Connector Edition. The Paid Edition is for brand new Litmos customers. The Connector Edition is for current Litmos customers. Anyone with ADP Administrator access can start a free trial of a Paid Edition of the Litmos app on the ADP Marketplace by clicking "Start A Free Trial".




After clicking "Start a Free Trial", complete the ADP Marketplace checkout. The price at checkout will be $0.00.





When the checkout is completed and the window closes, the ADP administrator will advance to a Litmos webpage where the trial can be initiated:




After clicking the "continue" button, a Litmos trial account is automatically created and connected to the Litmos app in the ADP Marketplace. The Litmos app will become available in the ADP Marketplace, and it can be found under the "My Apps" tab by the ADP Administrator.




Once the Litmos app is made available here, the ADP Administrator can click on the Litmos app tile. This will take the ADP administrator to an ADP User Consent page. Here, the ADP administrator must click "Confirm" in order to give Litmos consent to access information necessary for authenticating single sign-on into Litmos. 




Once user consent is granted and the "Confirm" button is clicked, the ADP Admin will sign into the new Litmos Account Owner profile that was created during checkout, and land on the Litmos "Dashboard" tab.



NOTE: The Litmos username for this person is created from the ADP work email address. If there is no work email address on the employee profile in ADP, the ADP Associate ID will be used as the person's Litmos username. This logic applies for all users works the same way for the ADP employee sync. Once a user successfully signs into Litmos via single-sign on, a back-end connection is made between the employee in ADP and the new Learner profile in Litmos.

NOTE: User Consent is required to single-sign on into Litmos for the 1st time. This is different from application consent. ADP will also require Litmos LMS application consent by an ADP Administrator if the ADP Employee Sync will be used. Use the ADP Consent Manager to complete these steps.

To assign the Litmos app to ADP employees in the ADP Marketplace, an ADP administrator will navigate to the "Manage Apps" --> "Assign Apps" and perform the assignment of the Litmos app to ADP employees.

NOTE: Please contact ADP if you do not see your ADP employees in the ADP Marketplace by emailing



If you do not wish to use the ADP Marketplace for single-sign on into Litmos, an alternative option is to setup a "Quick Link" to Litmos on the Home tab in ADP. First, log into ADP as an Administrator with Practitioner access, and then click on the user profile drop-down in the top right corner to access the Configuration menu item:




Once the Configuration menu is opened, an Administrator Portal will show options to configure Pages, Home and Theme. Open "Pages" and then select "Quick Links" to advance to the Quick Links setup:




Once the Quick Links setup is opened, click on the "add" sign to open the Quick Link editor. This will open an ADP HTML Editor, where an image icon can be configured to have an HTML link underneath the icon.

Workforce Now customers will place this link underneath the icon:

Vantage customers will place this link underneath the icon: 




Once the Quick Link is configured and saved, the Quick Link will display on the "Home" tab under the "Quick Links" panel in ADP for employee access:




Convert the 14-day trial into a Paid Edition 

In order to convert the free trial of the Litmos app into a Paid edition, an ADP Administrator will need to upgrade the ADP Subscription through the ADP Marketplace. This can be done through the "Manage Apps" tab in the ADP Marketplace:




The number of users entered will determine the final checkout price, unless any of the "Add-on" course bundles are purchased during checkout as well. When the trial is converted into a Paid Edition, the Litmos account will be activated.

Once the subscription is finalized, the ADP employee Sync can be enabled and used!


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