Namely Integration

What does the Namely integration do?

Litmos' integration with Namely is a ready-made connector that provides Litmos administrators with an easy way to push Namely employees in Litmos as Learners, and regularly update Litmos Learner profile information with the most current Namely employee profile information. This integration helps HR administrators automate, scale and bolster HR record-keeping for on-boarding new hires, employee transfers, employee terminations, employee job role changes, work address changes and the like.

1) Select Which Namely Employees to Sync to Litmos

The first step towards enabling Litmos' Namely integration is performed while logged into the target Namely account. This first step requires a Namely Administrator to create a custom profile field that will be used to sync Namely employees to Litmos as Learners.

This custom profile field can be created in Namely by logging in and navigating to "Company" --> "Settings" --> 'Profile Fields". 





When this page opens, the first section displayed on this page is the "General" section for general employee profile fields. There is a section for "Other" profile fields at the bottom of the page, below the "Resources" fields section, where a Namely Administrator will need to create a brand new "Litmos Activated" field.




In the "Other" field section, a Namely Administrator will click "Add New Field", enter "Litmos Activated" into the new field label, choose the "Select" field type from the drop-down, and make sure that the choices for this field selection are "Yes" and "No".




Once this is saved, a new field called "Litmos Activated" will be created with the binary values of yes and no. Each Namely employee profile will now include this field, and the value of this field will need to be updated to "Yes" for each Namely employee that needs to be synced to Litmos. 

The easiest way to bulk update this field to "Yes" for some or all Namely employees is to perform a bulk import into Namely. In order to perform a bulk import into Namely, a Namely Administrator will first need the bulk import template. This bulk import template can be obtained by first executing a bulk data export using the Data Export feature. To use this feature, a Namely Administrator will navigate to "Company" --> "Reports" --> "Data Export" and click the "Export Data" button.




Once the data is exported, the Namely Administrator will receive an email containing a link to a report of the data export. The Namely Administrator will also be able to download and open the report while logged into Namely. This can be done by navigating to "Home" --> "Manage Reviews" --> "Export Reviews" and then clicking on the download icon:




The Litmos Activated field should be the last data column listed in the CSV. Update the value of this field to "Yes" for Namely employees that will need to be created in Litmos and regularly synced during the recurring daily sync. Once this field has been updated for the chosen Namely employees, save the CSV and import the CSV into Namely by using the Import Data feature. This feature can be accessed by navigating to "Company" --> "Settings" --> "Import Data" and clicking the "New Import" button.




If a Namely Administrator prefers to update the Litmos Activated field for Namely employees through the Namely interface, one-by-one, this can be done by navigating to "People" --> "Directory" --> select an employee --> "Edit Profile" --> "Other"  --> choose "Yes" for the Litmos Activated field.






Once Namely employees have the new Litmos Activated field set, a Namely Administrator can proceed with enabling the Namely integration in Litmos. It is also important to remember though that new Namely employees will need this Litmos Activated field updated if they are to be synced to Litmos.

2) Enable the Namely Integration in Litmos

To enable the Namely integration, an Account Owner must navigate to the "Integrations" tab within the "Account" tab of Litmos and click on the "Namely" icon listed under the "3rd Party Integrations" section. 



When the pop-up window displays, the first thing do is check the box to "Enable Employee Sync". This is the control that will allow Litmos Account Owners to turn the Namely sync on and off moving forward. 

The next step is to enter the Namely subdomain and Namely Personal Access Token into the Namely setup page in Litmos.



When entering the Namely subdomain name, just enter the customized portion of the Namely URL into the text box (without https://), and do not enter the portion to the end. Litmos automatically does this behind the scenes.

In order to enter the Namely Personal Access Token into Litmos, a Namely HR Administrator or account owner with full access to every employee profile in Namely will need to log into Namely and create a Personal Access Token. To do this, this Namely Administrator will click the Namely drop-down head to access the profile options and then click "API":



On this page, the Namely Administrator will need to create a Personal Access Token. To do this, type in a name for the token and then click "Create". It is recommended that the name of this token is called "Litmos", or something similar, so that this token can be easily identified as a Litmos access token for future reference.




Once the Personal Access Token has been created, the token string will be visible at the top of the page to copy + paste into Litmos ONLY THIS ONE TIME. Once the Namely Administrator navigates away from this page, the token will never be visible again. Another token would need to be created and entered into Litmos if this token did not get copy + pasted into Litmos by a Litmos Account Owner.

When the token is created in Namely, the token string will appear in a black widget in the section titled "Your Personal Access Tokens". 




Once the Namely subdomain and the Namely Personal Access Token have been entered into these text boxes, click "save".  If the save successfully enables the Namely employee sync, a confirmation message will appear and a new "Sync Namely Data Now" button will emerge with usage directions. 



Now the Namely integration is officially enabled!

The Namely employee sync will automatically process once a day, but Litmos Account Owners can also click the "Sync Namely Data Now" button to execute on-demand sync in real time. Once a sync process finishes, a sync log will become available for review on the "People" tab in Litmos. The sync log results can be downloaded from the Recent Imports panel and it will provide details on which Namely employees and Namely fields were synced to Litmos.




Here is the complete list of the Litmos profile fields that can be updated from Namely during each system sync.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username (Namely Work Email)
  • Title
  • Work Email
  • Work Address
  • Work City
  • Work State
  • Work Zip
  • Work Country
  • Work Phone
  • Mobile Phone


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