Self Unassign Courses and Learning Paths

This feature allows learners to remove self assigned courses from themselves if they decide they do not want to complete this course. The course will still be accessible to the learner through the Course Library. Once this feature has been enabled, Learners will see the “Unenroll this Learning Path/ Course” button after the course has been started.  This button will only appear if they self-assigned the course through the Course Library.  If they do decide to unenroll in the course, no progress will be lost.  Administrators will still be able to run reports on their activity and if they decide to continue the course at a later date, they will not need to retake any completed modules.

To Enable this Feature

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Profile
  2. Click the box next to "Allow Learners to Unenroll from courses/ Learning Paths accessed through Library" near the bottom of the page
  3. Click "Save"

Learner View

Once a learner has assigned themselves to a course by clicking on the course from the Course Library and clicking into one of the modules, they will now get a red "Unenroll from this course" button to remove it from their ToDo list. 



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