Reporting Engine

In an effort to improve the built-in Litmos reports, Litmos has created a whole new reporting engine. The beginning phases of this new Reporting Engine will be similar to some of the current reports located within the Create a Report feature and the Quick Reports.  However, this new Reporting engine will include a more intuitive user experience as well as more flexibility around filters, included information, and scheduling reports making this the most powerful reporting engine Litmos has ever had.  

How does it work?

  1. Navigate to "Reports" tab
  2. Click "Reporting Engine"
  3. Select what you would like to report on and click "Next"
  4. Select what information, or the columns, you would like included in the report and click "Next"
  5. Select who or what and the filters to include or exclude results and click "Next".
  6. Preview the report to verify it is the correct information.  To edit the report, click "Previous".  To continue, click "Next". 
  7. Choose to Download Now or Schedule Export, and any other criteria and click "Build"
  8. If Scheduling the report, choose the frequency of how often and when the report should be sent.

The following objects are available:

  • Course Results – View Learner’s progress on courses
  • People – Get a list of users and their attributes
  • Assessment Results – View how learners have answered to questions to help identify trends with Assessments
  • Courses – Get a list of Courses and their attributes
  • Teams – Get a list of Teams and their attributes
  • Learning Paths - Get a list of Learning Paths and their attributes
  • SCORM - Retrieve all details including interaction data for all users who have taken a SCORM module
  • ILT - Retrieve information for all users on all or any ILT session
  • Surveys - Retrieve survey answers for all or any survey module



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