Reasons why emails are sent to the spam folder

Occasionally, emails sent from Litmos will be directed to the recipient's spam folder.  Unfortunately, this is beyond our control and we are unable to direct all emails to a recipient's inbox.  However, understanding why this occurs can help to prevent or handle any future issues.   Below are some of the common reasons why emails are directed to the spam folder.  

  1. The Junk Mail filter has identified one or more keywords that spammers repeatedly use in their messages.
  2. The recipient has flagged the sender as someone that sends spam.
  3. The recipient's internet service provider has filtered the mail as spam or junk mail based on the content or the senders IP address.
  4. The email contains an attachment with the message.
  5. The email contains HTML code.
  6. The email contains pictures.
  7. The email was addressed to a large group of people (either in the 'TO' or using 'CC').
  8. The recipient has set up 'rules' in their mail program that are too generic and therefore tagging your mail as spam.
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