SCORM Upload Error - "A communication error has occurred, we have been notified and are looking...."

Problem:  After uploading a SCORM file you receive the error message "A communication error has occurred  we have been notified and are looking into the issue.  System unable to write data to the transport connection:  An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host."

Why this occurs:  This error occurs if there is an issue with Litmos reading and interpreting the SCORM file.

Solution: Below possible solutions to this issue.  

  1. Try uploading the SCORM file again.
  2. Clear the cache in your browser.
  3. Upload the content using another browser.
  4. Check your internet connection.  A weak internet connection may cause the file to not upload properly.
  5. Remove any spaces, special characters, quotes and dashes from the file title.  You may also need to limit the length of the title.  Characters that will not be accepted are \ / : * ? < > |
  6. Check or contact your IT department about your malware and firewalls that may be preventing the file from uploading.
  7. Open or unzip the file and verify that a file titled "imsmanifest" is listed in the root of the file.

If you are still having problems, send the SCORM file to  Include as much information as possible including the authoring tool used, the steps you have gone through above, and any other details.

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