Why Are The Notification Emails Not Being Sent?

There are five general reasons why a user may not be receiving notification emails.

  • The email was sent to the spam or junk folder.  To ensure this does not happen, have your users or your IT department white list system@litmos.com or the IP address (subject to change).
  • The email address has been entered incorrectly into Litmos.  Check each failed email address and verify that it has been entered correctly.
  • The profile has a different email address in the user profile then the email the user is checking.  Verify with the user that they are checking the correct email.
  • No email address has been entered into email field of the user profile.
  • Their corporate firewall is blocking emails from the domain @litmos.com.

Also, keep in mind that the email may not be sent immediately.  Please give the system a few minutes to process the email.  You can verify that the email was successfully sent from the "Recent activity" sub tab within the user's profile.


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