Creating Articulate projects for use with tablets and mobile devices

Currently there is not a way to upload Articulate projects for offline viewing on the iPhone or iPad app. However, when publishing your Tin Can or SCORM that was published in Articulate, you can check the "Include HTML 5 output" box so users can practice these modules on their browsers. Additionally, ensure that the project does not open in a new window. 


To publish your Tin Can file with only HTML 5 enabled, please follow these steps: 

1) Open your project in Articulate and click "File" then click "Publish."

2) Choose the "LMS" tab on the left.

3) Uncheck "Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android." This will also uncheck the "Allow downloading for offline viewing" option as well. 


4) Click "Publish" to export your project. 

5) On the next page select "ZIP" to save your project as a .zip file for uploading to Litmos. 


Once your project has been saved, you can follow these steps to upload the Tin Can file to a course:

1) Sign in to your Litmos account.

2) Click the "Courses" tab and select the course you're interested in.

3) Click "Choose a file" and select the .zip Tin Can file to be uploaded to Litmos. 


Your learners will now be able to practice Articulate projects using the browser on their mobile device or computers. 

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