AICC Support

What is AICC?

AICC is a elearning industry standard that applies to the development, delivery, and evaluation of training courses. The Advance Distributed Learning (ADL) is a government-sponsored organization responsible for AICC standards.

How to Use AICC With Litmos

The first step into getting is acquiring an AICC file.  Currently, we only support AICC files from SkillSoft and and the file must be enabled to work within an LMS.  The file would be in a .zip format.  To import the file:

  1. Navigate to Course > Course Name > Content sub tab
  2. Click "Choose file" 
  3. Navigate to the location of the file on your computer and click "Open"

The file will process and then can be made available for learners to take by assigning them the course.  

Note: For files, the user will need to log into the file using their username and password upon accessing the content within Litmos.

Troubleshooting AICC problems

Issue: Module will not complete and it remains "In Progress".

Resolution: Make sure the content is set to work with an LMS.  You may need to contact your Administrator or Content Provider for more information.

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