How to Create an Instructor Who is not an Administrator

By default, all Administrators and Account Owners will be listed as ILT instructors; However, all users in the system can be promoted to instruct an ILT (Instructor Lead Training) session.  To promote a user as an instructor:

  1. Navigate to the Accounts tab
  2. Select the Integrations sub tab
  3. Select the icon next to "Instructor Lead Training"
  4. From the "Instructors" section, select "Add An Instructor"
  5. Find the user(s) to promote to instructor and check the box next to their name(s)
  6. Click "Assign"

NOTE: An instructor needs to have an email address against their profile to allow for calendar invites to function with Outlook.

Once a user has been listed as an instructor:

  • They can be selected as an instructor by and Administrator when created or editing a session
  • An Administrator can view all the sessions they are instructing by selecting the "Instructor Schedule" in their profile
  • Instructors will have the "Instructor" tab in the learner view that lists all sessions they have instructed and are scheduled to instruct.  Instructors can also mark Roll Call and completion status for learners registered to attend sessions they instruct.



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