User Checklist Module

The User Checklist module was designed as a multipurpose module.  Some possible uses:

  • Ask permission to access course
  • Create a Terms and Conditions for each course
  • Enhance live training without needing a scheduled event
  • Have a user notify Admins that they uploaded a document to an external drive
  • Evaluate a learner on their performance
  • Have an Admin assess if a learner has completed certain taskscheck.PNG


Create a User Checklist

  1. Navigate to the Content section of a Course.
  2. Select "User Checklist" from the Create menu.
  3. Give the User Checklist a title, select any other settings, and click "Save".
  4. Give your Checklist a description to help your learners understand the purpose or instructions for the checklist.
  5. Add Items to the Checklist by selecting the Add Item button and typing in the Item fields.
  6. Click "Save".

User Checklist Settings


Autocomplete by user - When checked, once the user has marked the necessary items, the module will be marked as Complete.

Require all checkmarks to complete - When checked, all items must be checked off in order for the module to complete.  If this option is not checked, set the number of items that must be completed in order to complete the module.  

Use as evaluation by Admin - When checked, Marking by an admin will be required. The module will not complete until marking has been performed by an Account Owner, Administrator or Team Lead/Team Admin.

Note: Both Autocomplete by user and Use as evaluation by Admin settings can not be set at the same time. If neither setting is checked, the module will require Marking.

Use as evaluation by Admin Setting

When this option is enabled, the evaluation process will follow these basic steps:

  1. Learner will access the module and select "Start Evaluation with Administrator" to prompt an Admin to check off the list.
  2. Account Owners, Administrators and Team Leaders will then be able to access the checklist to mark items off. They can access the Checklist from the Daily Marking Required email notification, or from the "Marking Required" section on the Dashboard or through the "Marking Required" tag next to the module in the Content subtab of the course, or via Module Quick Report.
  3. If not all necessary items have been marked by the Administrator, the Learner can repeat the module and then click "Start Evaluation with Administrator" in order to trigger the Marking requirement again.
  4. Once all the items have been ticked off by the Administrator, the module will be marked as complete.
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