Send an Email to a Learner when a Module has been Completed

Send an automatic email to learners when a module has been completed.  Use this feature to congratulate learners on finishing a module or course or let them know that an assessment or ILT session has been marked complete by an Administrator.

To send a learner an email upon completion of a module:

  1. Navigate to the module by either creating a new module or clicking on an existing module.
  2. If the module is an existing survey, assessment or ILT module, navigate to the Settings sub tab.  If the module is new or any other module type, skip this step.
  3. Click the box next to "Send an email to the learner once the module is completed." near the bottom of the screen.
  4. Text boxes for the subject and body will appear.  Enter text and any place holders (see below).  Click "Save".

Placeholder Fields






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