Copying Litmos modules - Mirror Modules in Another Course

Similar to the Copy and Link module, the "Mirror Modules in another course" module helps you save time when building courses. The "Mirror Modules in another Course" gives you the ability to copy modules that you have previously created in Litmos and add them in to another course.

When using the Mirror Modules feature all completed status and reporting will not be carried over between each of the mirrored module.  However, if a change is made to the content one mirrored module it will affect the other modules mirrored to or from it.


At this time the following module types are available for mirroring:

  • Video
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Flash
  • Audio
  • Page of information
  • Link to another website
  • SCORM or Tin Can
  • Embed content from another website


The module types that cannot be mirrored at this time are:

  • Live session or ILT
  • Assessment
  • Survey
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