Instructor Lead Training (ILT) Module Overview

What defines a session?

A session is a single curriculum or subject. The session can spread over different days and different times but will always build on the information previously presented during the session. When you have more than one session, each session will have the same curriculum but each session may occur at different times, giving learners the option to which session is most convenient for them to attend.

For example, we have an ILT module called "Introduction to Litmos".  This ILT module takes place three different days over three weeks.  Because we have a large number of people who need to attend the course we will have two sessions, one on Mondays and one on Tuesdays.  Both sessions will cover the same topics; however, it will occur during different days to give the learners options as to which is more convenient for them, Mondays or Tuesdays.


To add a new Live session or ILT module:

  1. In the admin view, navigate to the course to add the live session to.
  2. Click "Create a module" from the right side.
  3. From the second section of the drop down menu select "Live Session or ILT".
  4. Fill out the "Create a new live session" form and the information for the First session including location, date and time.
  5. Seats Available - You can limit the number of students allowed to sign up for a training. Once this number has been reached, students will no longer have the ability to sign up for that session. (At this point, only instructors will be able to manually add learners to this session)

Note:  Once this step has been completed, to add a new session to this module, do not repeat the steps above.  Instead select "Add new session" from within the existing Live session or ILT module.  Read more in the Creating Multiple Dates and/ or Times for a Live Session article.

Once a new session is created you will be able to manage the Live Session through the four tabs listed below:

Sessions sub tab:  Once the Live Course module has been created the Calendar view in the Sessions sub tab will be the default tab when the module is accessed.  

Additional sessions for the same course can be added by selecting the "Add new session" button and repeating step 4 from above.  Each course will be color coded and appear on the calendar along with all ILT module sessions the user is an instructor for.   To see who has registered for each session select roll call next to each session int he List View in the Sessions tab.  To learn how to create multiple days and/ or times for a Session please view the Creating Multiple Dates and/ or Times for a Live Session article.


Registration sub tab:  Assign the Live Session to users and view which of the assigned users has registered and completed the module.

Select "Assign to existing people to the course" to assign users to the course from within within the ILT module.  When assigning a Course with a Live Session in it, a user will not be enrolled until they have registered or until an Administrator has enrolled a user by selecting the box next to a user's name and selecting Register to session on the right.  If an Administrator has enrolled a user, the user will be able to decline and choose another session.  

Note:  If an administrator does not assign a user to a session, the user will be able to choose which session they would like to attend by navigating to the course and selecting the session or from the course assignment email.


Roll Call sub tab:  View who has signed up for each session, keep track of which sessions each user has attended, give them a grade and mark complete.  Change the session you are viewing by selecting the session from the dropdown menu.  If you need to, download the roster in a CSV format.

Note: If a Roster is uploaded with users who are not registered for a session, those user will be ignored.  This feature will not register them for a session

Settings sub tab:  Change the Title, description, code, settings or delete the live sessions.


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