When do Modules Lock?

Administrators have the ability to set modules to lock to keep learners from accessing modules that have been completed or accessing modules out of order.  Modules will lock under these conditions:

  • Lock Assessment has been selected in the Assessment settings.  The assessment will lock after a certain number of attempts.
  • A survey has been completed.  This is the only module where locking can not be turned off, however, an Administration has the ability to manual unlock a survey.
  • Module Order has been checked within Course settings.  This will force students to access each module in order and will lock if they have not completed the previous module.  The module may not be marked complete if they clicked "Next Module" before the module was completed.  This is common with videos and some SCORM files.

View this article to view the steps to unlock a module as an Administrator:  https://litmos.zendesk.com/entries/22578937-How-Can-I-Unlock-A-Module-for-a-Learner-


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