Why does the audio, animations and Flash not play with my PowerPoint?

If your PowerPoint Presentation contains audio, animations or Flash content, these effects will be lost when your file is uploaded in to Litmos as a Presentation Module.

After your file uploads, it is converted in to an online format so that it can be viewed over the web. This means trainees do not need to have PowerPoint on their computer to view the content. However, the downside is that the conversion process strips out Flash,  animations and audio so that the presentation becomes a static object.

What’s the Solution?
If you want to upload a PowerPoint that contains audio, animations or Flash content you will need to first convert it to a Flash or Video file, then upload it in to Litmos as a Flash Module or Video module respectively.

Here are three easy ways to do this:

  1. Use a PowerPoint to Flash converter like the free one offered here by iSpringSolutions:  http://www.ispringfree.com. This tool keeps all of the visual parameters, animation effects, slide transitions, audio narrations, video and Flash objects after the PowerPoint converts to Flash.
  2. Use a screen recorder to record your presentation as it plays through, then publish the recording as a Video or Flash file and upload in to Litmos as a Video or Flash module.  This blog post suggests some of the top screen recorders on the market, free or otherwise: http://www.litmos.com/blog/authoring-tools/top-screen-recording-tools and http://www.litmos.com/blog/authoring-tools/10-tips-for-recording-audio-on-screencasts
  3. Export the PowerPoint file as a video file through PowerPoint.
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