How to publish a Camtasia recording that contains quiz questions

If you have a quiz or survey embedded in to a Camtasia presentation, then you will need to “Produce video as” an “MP4/SWF  - Flash output” format. Then make sure to enable SCORM reporting if you want to track the learner results in your SCORM compliant LMS. What you will end up with after publishing is a .zip package which you can then upload in to Litmos as a SCORM module. This way learner responses to questions are tracked in our Reporting area.

Here is a help video on this topic from the Techsmith website:

Production settings to track learner results in the Litmos LMS
In the above-linked video, there is a chapter entitled “Production”. You will want to watch this and follow their directions to 1) Check the box “Enable video in to HTML” then 2) Under the “Quiz & Survey Reporting” click “Options” and 3) Fill the radio button next to “Report score using SCORM”. Select your reporting preferences – SCORM 1.2 for Litmos and your desired completion requirements – then carry on to publish your project.

Once the .zip package is ready, upload it in to Litmos as a SCORM module. Easy!

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