Why is part of my Powerpoint slide missing?

When you can only view a portion of each slide once a presentation has been uploaded, this is generally due to non-standard slide sizes. It can be as a result of custom slide size settings when a presentation is created in PowerPoint, or default settings when it is converted from Keynote to PowerPoint, if you are using a Mac.


The great news is it’s easy to fix. How you change slides to a standard size depends on whether you are developing the slides in PowerPoint, or developing them in Keynote (Mac) then converting to .ppt.

Here are the instructions for both cases:
  • PowerPoint 2007
    Go in to the presentation, click on the ‘Design’ tab, then ‘Page Setup’. Change slide size to ‘On-screen show (4:3)’ and rename/save file. Now try to upload in to Litmos once again.

  • Keynote conversion to PowerPoint Presentation
    You will need to ensure the slide resolution used in conversion is the same 4:3 ratio – either (800 x 600) or (1024 x 768). Here are Apple’s instructions on changing slides from the default sizes: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2925
  • Convert PowerPoint presentation to Flash movie format (.swf)
    Alternatively, you can opt to convert your file from a .ppt/.pptx to a Flash file (.swf), which can then be uploaded in to Litmos as a Flash module.


    To do this you can use many different tools but this one from iSpring can be downloaded for free from: www.ispringfree.com. Their ‘PowerPoint to Flash Converter’ is a PowerPoint plug-in specifically designed to preserve all aspects of your presentation through a conversion.

    *After downloading the free tool you will see ‘iSpring Free’ appears in your PowerPoint window as an extra menu along the toolbar. It is then simply a matter of opening your PowerPoint presentation and clicking on the ‘iSpring Free’ menu, then selecting to Publish it to Flash using their preset settings.

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