A Collection of Cool PowerPoint Ideas,Tips, and Tricks

PowerPoint is still the dominant authoring tool for eLearning material and while many of you may groan at that prospect, I’m not promoting the kind of dull click-click-click-slide-slide-slide PowerPoint presentation that calls itself online learning. In fact, quite the contrary, there are some very cool things you can do in PowerPoint if you know how.

This area is where we’ll post all the great PowerPoint design ideas, tips and tricks that other people blog about as we stumble across them. It will be a growing resource, so please check back regularly.

To kick it off, one of the best resources I’ve found online is Tom Kuhlmann’s blog (@tomkuhlmann on Twitter) “The Rapid E-Learning Blog” which is attached to the Articulate product website. Here are a few of his posts to get started:

And some other articles and resources:

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