Messages Overview

The Litmos messages tab is your hub for communication within your training platform. Use it to add value to your training courses by giving trainees an opportunity to communicate with you and provide feedback. This is also where you will receive any automatic notification messages which help you keep your finger on the pulse of your training program.

Navigating your message inbox

When you click on the “Messages” tab you will see a screen similar to the one shown below. From here you can compose a new message and send it to individual users, whole teams or all members of a selected training course.


How to use folders (formally tags)

In Litmos you will find that we use folders which are a great way to organize your messages for faster searching at a later date.  For example, I can apply a folder called “Course Building” to a message, then at a later date when I want to find all of the messages related to course building I can simply click on the “Course Building” folder, which will return all of the related messages.

Viewing and responding to a message

Litmos displays messages in a threaded style so you can see all of the messages related to a conversation on one screen. This makes following a message trail quick and easy, and this style of viewing is really useful when you have multiple people involved in the conversation.


Setting up automatic notifications

As the creator of a course or assessment you will receive automatic notifications when your trainees complete those courses or assessments. Also, if you have deadlines set on courses you will be notified of the trainees that have overdue training to complete.

If you want to add or remove yourself from the notifications list for a particular course you can do this by clicking on the course title under the “Courses” tab and then selecting the “Settings” tab.  Under the “Notifications” section you can add or remove people from the list.

Turning off the notifications to your external email address

If you don’t want to receive a notification to your external email address every time you get a message within Litmos, you can stop this by clicking on the “My Profile” link, and clicking edit profile.  If you then uncheck the “Send email notifications” option and click the Save button.


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