Changing Messages and Labels

Customize the messaging and labels users see.  This can be useful when using specific terminology and instructions, or using Litmos in a language other than the system language, English.

To access these features, login as an Account Owner in the Admin view.  Navigate to the Account tab and click on the Messages & Labels sub tab.  Within this tab you can:

  • Hide the messages tab for Learners – When this is checked Learners will not see the Messages tab that otherwise resides between Reports and Accounts.  By hiding this button, learners will not be able to send or read messages to anyone within the system.
  • Allow learners to send messages to any other user – When this box is checked learners have the ability to send a message to any other user in the Litmos system.  If this box is unchecked they can still send messages to people within their team.
  • Login Screen – Use this message to welcome learners and/ or give them instructions when they access the log in page of your personalized Litmos.
  • Trainee Home Page – This is the first message the learner will see once they have logged in.  The learner has the ability to hide this message.  If you need to keep the learner informed of news and changes, use the Latest News feature located on the Dashboard in the Admin view.
  • Hide Course Assigned & Completed Dates – When checked, the Assigned and Completed dates listed below the title of each course on the Learner’s home page will be hidden.
  • Customer User Data/ Fields – Collect necessary data about your users by creating additional fields on the user profile here.  These fields are single line text only and  cannot be changed to any other field type including checkbox, dropdown or radio button.  If the field should be required, select the box next to the field marked “Make field compulsory”.
  • Custom Labels – By default the Complete, Not Complete, Marking Required, and In Progress labels are marked as described.  However, these labels may be changed here.


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