Change Favicon and iPad and iPhone icon

Favicon is the icon that appears in a web browser’s address bar, tabs and bookmark menu.  The icon must be a .ico file type and be under 200kb.  If you need to convert an image file into a .ico file, you can use Coolutils which is is a website that easily converts a file type of an image to a .ico file for free.

The icon from the iPad or iPhone will appear when a link is added to the Home Screen.  For information on adding Litmos to the Home Screen of an iPad or iPhone view Adding Litmos to iPad/ iPhone Home Screen.  The icon must be a .png file type and be under 200kb.

To change either of these icons:

  1. Navigate to Accounts
  2. Select the Theme sub tab
  3. Under theme, select change next to either Favicon or iPad/ iPhone icon
  4. Click Choose File
  5. Browse to the file and click Open
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Note:  To see the Favicon take effect you may need to clear your cache.  If you are still having problems check that your unique url is all lowercase in the Profile sub tab within Accounts.

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