MailChimp Integration

What does the MailChimp integration do?

MailChimp is an email marketing tool that allows you to easily design and send marketing emails.  The Litmos MailChimp integration gives Litmos administrators an end-to-end email integration for email marketing and customized Learner email messages by pushing users from Litmos into MailChimp and vice versa.

Enable the MailChimp Integration 

To set up the MailChimp integration with Litmos:

  1. Get the API key from MailChimp. The API Key in MailChimp can be located by clicking on the Account profile drop-down in the top right corner of MailChimp and navigating to Account  > Extras > API Key. This MailChimp API Key is approximately 36 digits long with a hyphen before the last 4 digits.
    It may be necessary to “Create a Key” if there is no API Key listed on this page. Once “Create a Key” is clicked, a new API Key will be generated by MailChimp and it will be a live API Key that can be used to connect to Litmos.
  2. Next, a Litmos Account Owner will need to log into Litmos and navigate to the MailChimp integration setup. The MailChimp integration setup is available in Accounts > Integration.
  3. Here, an Account Owner in Litmos will click on the MailChimp icon to open the MailChimp integration Setup. This will display an API form-control text box. A Litmos Account Owner will first check the box to “Enable MailChimp Integration”, and then enter an API Key of an Account Owner in MailChimp. 
  4. Once this API Key is entered into the MailChimp integration setup in Litmos and “save changes” is clicked, the integration will become activated and the MailChimp listing on the Integration Tab in Litmos will show that this integration has been enabled:

Using the MailChimp integration

 The MailChimp integration allows Litmos Administrators to:

  1. Assign users in a Litmos Team to a MailChimp List

  2. Import Users from a MailChimp List into a Litmos Team

This new Panel Heading will show on all Team pages in Litmos and is only accessible by users with Account Owner and Administrator Access Levels in Litmos: 

Assign users in a Litmos Team to a MailChimp List

The first option in this new heading is the ability to assign Learners on a Litmos Team into a MailChimp List. This function will only work if a List already exists in MailChimp, otherwise a message will appear reading, “You do not currently have any lists setup in MailChimp”:

If there are Lists already created in MailChimp, these will appear in Litmos when “Assign a Team to a MailChimp List” is clicked in the Panel Heading:

Once the export processes, these Team members will become Subscribers of the MailChimp List.

Import Users from a MailChimp List into a Litmos Team

Importing Subscribers from a MailChimp List into a Litmos Team can be performed as well.

Once the import processes, the Subscribers will become Learners in Litmos and be assigned to that Litmos Team. Here, the subscribers from Example List Two are imported into a Litmos Team:

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