Single Sign On with ADFS 3.0+ using "Add Relying Party Trust Wizard"

This how-to will guide you through the necessary steps to add a Litmos compatible relying party trust into your ADFS environment.


Step 1 - Locate the Add Relying Party Trust Wizard and open it

Step 2 - Enter data about the relying party manually



Step 3 - Name your Relying Party Trust. This is merely a display name that holds no functional value. 



Step 4 - Select AD FS profile

Step 5 - Click Next 

Step 6 - Select "Enable support for the SAML 2.0 WebSSO protocol" and enter your Litmos instance URL here



Step 7 - Add the following identifiers (using your Litmos instance URL rather than the one in the picture)



Step  8 - Select "I do not want to configure multi-factor authentication settings..."

Step 9  - Select "Permit all users to access this relying party"

Step 10 - Check the box "Open the Edit Claim Rules dialog for this relying party trust when the wizard closes"

Step 11 - Send LDAP Attributes as Claims

Step 12 - Copy these fields. Note that the Outgoing Claim Types will need to be typed, please make sure the capitalization and spelling matches identically.



Step 13 - Select Transform an Incoming Claim

Step 14 - Match the following information for the outgoing NameID rule



This concludes the ADFS 3.0+ to Litmos set up using the Relying Party Trust Wizard. 

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