Gamification Overview

What is Gamification and how can it improve your learner's progress?

Gamification is the application of game mechanics to a practical application such as eLearning to encourage users to work harder to do well.  We have included a Gamification element to Litmos to encourage learners to complete more courses to earn points and badges.

Creating Badges and Points

First step to using the Litmos Gamification feature is to assign Courses and Learning Paths to a point amount or a badge.

    1. Navigate to Account > Integrations.
    2. Select the icon next to Badges/ Gamification.   Badges_and_Gamification.JPG
    3. Select the green button labeled "Add Badge/ Points".
    4. Give the item a name.
    5. (Optional) Check the box for "Create a badge for this item".  Give the badge a Name. Choose a badge and color from our premade badges or upload your own and click "Save". 
    6. (Optional) Set a numerical point amount for the badge.
    7. Select Add Course or Add Learning Path and select the Course or Learning Path that will be required to earn the badge and/ or points set above.
    8. Repeat step 7 until you have added all Courses and/ or Learning Paths that will be required to earn the badge and/ or point set above.



Note:  All Courses and/ or Learning Paths must be completed in order for the learner to earn that badge and/ or points.

Gamification from a Learner Point of View

When badges/ points have been activated by an Account Owner, a learner can see their badges and/ or points by navigating to their Achievements tab.  In addition to seeing their Achievements and be able to download their certificates, they can view the badges and/ or points they have earned.

Learners will also be able to view their standing from the Leaderboard.  View the Leaderboard article for more information. 

Note:  Once a learner has earned a badge and/ or points, it cannot not be removed (unless an administrator removes it) however, they cannot earn more than one of any given badge.

Reporting and Viewing Results as an Admin

Administrators can see Learner's badges/ points in a few places:

  • Going to the People Quick Report withing the Reports tab and selecting Points Earned and/ or Badges Earned from the column selector Column_selector.JPG between the search field and Filter this report buttons.
  • Going to the Gamification tab within a user's profile.
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