How to Integrate Wordpress

Wordpress is an easy to maintain web platform commonly used for managing content. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. This integration allows Litmos administrators to embed lists of Litmos courses.

Here we will cover the necessary steps to fully integrate Wordpress with your Litmos account.

Step 1) Go to your Account Integrations tab and click on Wordpress



Step 2) Click Download Litmos Wordpress Plugin. This will re-direct you to Github to download the plugin.




Step 3) Download the Wordpress ZIP file




Step 4) Log in to your Wordpress Admin account

Step 5) Click Plugins > Add New

Step 6) Click Upload Plugin



Step 7) Click Choose File and browse to your ZIP file, select it, then click Install Now




Step 8) Go to your Litmos Account page, Integrations tab, and click on Wordpress. Copy the API key

Step 9) Go to your Wordpress Settings and click Litmos, paste the API key into the API key field. Save Changes.

Step 10) Import Litmos Courses Now.




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