Zendesk Integration

Zendesk is a support ticketing system that encourages a better customer service experience.  Use the Litmos app to create users, assign them to Teams, Learning Paths and Courses, and view their results.

Installing Zendesk

  1. Log into Zendesk as an Administrator and Navigate to the App store (Setup_Zendesk.JPG > Apps > Marketplace)
  2. Search for Litmos and select the Litmos Courses App icon
  3. Enter the Title of the App (what your agents will see it listed in the Apps bar), Company, API key (see the article in the note below), API Limit (see note below), and which roles will have access to the app.
  4. Select "Install"

Note: API keys are only available to silver plans and above.  To gain access to your API key, view this article:  Retrieving your API key.

Note:  API Limit is the number of Litmos items that will be listed within the Zendesk app.  The recommended number is 5 to10.

Using Zendesk

If a Zendesk users sends in a support request and they are not a user within Litmos, create them as a user by changing any details in the Litmos Courses App within Zendesk and select Create.  If the user already exists in Litmos, this step will be skipped.  Users will be identified by matching their email address within Zendesk with their username in Litmos.


Once a Zendesk user exists in Litmos, you can do a number of actions by selecting the "Choose an action..." dropdown.  These actions include:

  • Assign to Courses - Navigate through a list of courses and assign users to one or more courses
  • Assign to Learning Path - Navigate through a list of learning paths and assign users to one or more learning path
  • Assign to Teams - Navigate through a list of teams and assign users to one or more teams
  • View Results - Navigate through a list of courses to see the progress of courses they are assigned to.

To navigate back to the Learner details and perform an additional action, select the "Home" button.

Select the "Litmos LMS" link to email support@litmos.com.



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