Gamification - Leaderboards

Leaderboards give your learners a snapshot of the progress of other learners in your Litmos account to encourage them to take more courses. 

Leaderboard - Account

When the leaderboard is enabled for your account, all learners can view the badges and points that all other learners have earned within your account.  Gamifaction will need to be enabled to see the option to enable leaderboards and badges/ points will need to be created before the leaderboard will start to populate.

Place in Leader board is determined by number of points earned, not number of badges. 

 See the Gamification Overview article for more information.

To Enable Leaderboards for the Account:

  1. Navigate to the Account tab
  2. Select the Integrations sub tab
  3. Click the icon next to Badges/ Gamification
  4. Select the box next to Enable Leaderboard and select Save at the bottom of the page

To View Leaderboards for the Account:

  1. Switch to Learner View
  2. Select the Achievements tab
  3. To view the Leaderboard for all learners, select View All


Note:  Leaderboards may take up to an hour to refresh and become updated.

Leaderboard - Team 

Learners can compare themselves to other learners within their team.  In order to activate Leaderboards for teams, Leaderboards for the account will need to be enabled.

To Enable Leaderboards for the Team:

  1. In Admin View, navigate to the Team tab
  2. Select the team to enable leaderboards for
  3. Select the Settings sub tab
  4. At the bottom, select Enable Leaderboard and select "Save"

To View Leaderboards for a Team:

  1. Switch to Learner View
  2. Select the Achievements tab
  3. At the top of the leader board, select Leaderboard for All Users and select the team to view


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