Google Single Sign On

Google Sign On

Account managers can enable and disable this feature by going into the Integrations sub tab in Accounts.  Click the icon next to Google Sign On, check the "Enable Google Sign In" box to make this feature available to users.  Uncheck this box to remove Google sign in. 


Using Google Sign On

Once this feature has been enabled for your account, and if the user logs into Google with an email address that exists as a username in Litmos, they will be logged in by selecting the Google login button.  Once done they will be logged in as that Litmos user.  If the username does not match a Google account, you can change the username by editing the user profile.

These are the three steps to sign in the first time.  After the first login, these steps may be reduced to only the first step, click Click Login with Google.

  1. Open the login page and click Login with Google.
  2. If you are not already logged into Google, put in your Google username and password.  If you’re already logged in, this step will be skipped.
  3. Click Allow to approve the link between Litmos and Google.  If you check the Remember this approval box, you will never need to do this step again.



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