Google Single Sign On

Google Sign On

Account managers can enable and disable the Google Single Sign On feature within the "Integrations" tab in Litmos .  


Click the icon, check the "Enable Google Sign In" checkbox to make this feature available to users and press "save changes".



Log in with Google Sign On

Once this feature has been enabled for your account, users can begin logging into Litmos so long as they have an active Google session and the email address for that Google session matches the username of the profile in Litmos.



If the username does not match a Google account, an error message will display.




This will require that an Admin logs into Litmos and updates the person's username so that it matches the email address for the Google account that is attempting to perform the sign in to Litmos.

If you have a Litmos profile, and you're logging into that Litmos profile for the very first time by using the Google Sign On feature, it will route you to the password creation page. 



However, if the Litmos account does not allow users to set a password because the "Disable user ability to change password" setting is checked, then the user will simply confirm profile name information and enter Litmos.




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