Litmos supports a mutli-­brand management capacity that is made possible through a connection of multiple Litmos accounts. Once a new multi­-account connection has been set up by the Litmos team, a “master account” will be designated. This master account gives Litmos Account Owners the ability to govern course copies into child accounts.  Account Owners of the master account will also be able to access any of the child accounts by way of one ­click Single Sign On.

To enable this feature contact your Litmos Account Manager. 

How does this Feature Work

A new Icon will be added to the navigation bar of the Parent Account that will bring the Super Account Owner to the Account Management screen.  From within the Account Management screen, the Super Admin will be able to:

  • View high level stats for the Parent Account and all Child Accounts
  • View high level stats for each of the child accounts
  • Launch each of the child accounts by way of one click Single Sign On
  • Copy Courses from the Parent Account into the Child Accounts




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