Bug and Feature Release Process

The Litmos team is continuously releasing new features and bug fixes; however, due to the nature of cloud hosted software, we have processes in place to manage the release of these features and fixes.  The document serves to clarify the release protocol and to make these processes as transparent as possible.

Bug Fixes

The common life cycle of a bug, from report to release, is as follows:

  1. Issue is reported to support@litmos.com.
  2. We identify the issue and what causes it.
  3. The issue is logged.
  4. The issue is given a release date based on the urgency and number of users affected and is assigned to a developer.
  5. Developer fixes the issue.
  6. Issue is tested by our Quality Assurance team.
  7. The fix is made available in the next release (see the section "Note about Releases" below for more information).

Note:  Issues that keep the system from functioning and have been identified as such by the Litmos team will be addressed immediately.

Feature Requests

New feature requests are constantly be evaluated, developed, and implemented into the Platform based on the area within the system that has been designated for improvement.  The common life cycle of a new feature is as follows:

  1. Area of the system we would like to add to is identified (for example: Reports, ILT module, Ecommerce), often by feedback received from customers.
  2. Feature requests are gathered from our suggestion site (request to be added) and other channels.
  3. Features are chosen based on a few aspects including number of users who are requesting the feature, the scope of the project, and how well it fits into the Litmos philosophy.
  4. Depending on the feature, it is designed by a team which includes members from the development, customer success, and project management teams.
  5. The feature is assigned to a developer.
  6. Developer builds the feature.
  7. Feature is tested by our Quality Assurance team.
  8. The feature is made available in the next release (see the section "Note about Releases" below for more information).

Note:  Litmos is a customer-driven product and takes all requests into consideration.  We would love to hear your feature ideas.  Please email support@litmos.com to be added to our suggestion site.

Note About Releases

We aim to put out a release every two months; however, a release may be delayed if our Team is not 100% happy with the product.  For this reason, it is generally difficult to estimate a timeline with certainty when bug fixes and new features will be released.

Due to the nature of the system, in most cases we are unable to release a single bug or feature without affecting other items in the system.  Therefore, a premature release is likely to result in additional issues.  


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