Bug and Feature Release Process

The Litmos team is continuously releasing new features and bug fixes; however, due to the nature of cloud hosted software, we have processes in place to manage the release of these features and fixes.  This article serves to clarify the release protocol and to make these processes as transparent as possible.

Bug Fixes

Where you suspect a bug, or are experiencing critical problems with the system, please contact Litmos Support.

Support will attempt to replicate the issue and validate if the symptoms are caused by a bug.

If a bug is critical (i.e. the application is down, or there is a major feature that is not working blocking significant numbers of users from performing their work, with no work around), we will fix the issue in the next maintenance release, assuming:

  • The fix is feasible within the time window of the next release
  • The fix is technically feasible
  • The fix will not impact the performance or stability of the application

Non-critical bugs are prioritised based on a number of factors:

  • Is there a work-around
  • How difficult is it to fix
  • How many people are affected by the problem

Note that we make no commitment to fix non-critical bugs within a given time frame.

Feature Requests

Our roadmap is fluid and based on input from a number of areas:

  • Feedback from customers through various channels, including support.
  • Our development and infrastructure teams.
  • Feedback from other internal teams (Sales, Marketing etc.)
  • Our overall product strategy

We love to hear your ideas and best place for you to provide these is via our feature request system: https://litmoslms.ideas.aha.io/ You can request access by contacting Support.

Notes About Releases

  • Our support team may provide you with their best estimate of a release date for critical bugs or features, however a release may be delayed if we are not 100% happy with the product.
  • We do not publish roadmaps.


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