Active Users and Billing

Billing is based on Active Usage during a billing period.  Active Usage means that you can have an unlimited amount of users set up within your account, but we calculate your user total monthly only by counting those people that actually log in during the billing period. It is also very easy to de-activate a user once they have finished a course so that they can no longer access their account and count towards your user total.

For example during a month period, if a user logs into your Litmos account, they will be counted as an Active User.  If they log in again during the same billing period they will still only be counted as a single user.  If the same user has an active account and they do not log into the system during the next monthly billing cycle, they will not be counted as an Active User for billing purposes.

If you go over your number of users, we will not deny additional users access to your system.  You will instead be charged for each additional user.  All users, no matter their access role count as one user.

To monitor the number of users navigate to the Billing sub tab within Accounts.  From here you can see the count of current active users, when your next billing period starts, and how many Active Users your account supports.  This will only be visible to Account Owners.

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