How to Change the Color Theme on My Account

When you first start your Litmos account you will begin with a Default theme that looks something like this on the learner side.


Note: As shown in this image, you can choose to have your organization’s logo visible in the top left corner of the Learner view as well.

However, because of the dynamic customization capacity of the Litmos platform you can customize the user interface to reflect the branding, colors scheme, logos, and culture of your organization.  You will be able to leverage this adaptability to bolster the impact of the platform and your organization on your users and customers.  To start exploring customization, begin by going to the Account area and then the Theme tab.

Picking a Preset Color Theme

If you’re not great with colors, but want to quickly change the theme, try selecting one of our preset themes.  

Creating a Custom Theme

If you would like to customize a color scheme to better fit with your brand, then select the custom theme option from the list. Then just scroll down and click on any of the colored squares – Title Bar, Title Bar Text, Navigation and Heading, Heading Text, and Background - to begin picking your colors and creating your theme.

Make sure to finish up by clicking the Save button, then use the orange ‘Switch to Learner View’ button in the top right to flip over and see how it looks from the Learner’s perspective.

Note:  Most of the branding / theme colors are visible on the learner view, but you will also see the top banner color change on your admin side.



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