How to use Google Analytics to Track Page Views for your eCommerce Website

Use the instructions below to add your Litmos eCommerce website to track views of your Litmos shopping cart to your existing Google Analytics account:

1)      Sign into your Google Analytics account

2)      Select the ‘Admin’ tab at the top of the page

3)      Click on the account name drop down box

4)      Select ‘Create new account’

5)      Title the new account

6)      Add the Website Name

7)      Enter your eCommerce URL (

8)      Select ‘Get Tracking ID’

9)      Copy the Tracking ID (UA-xxxxxx-x)

10)   Navigate to your Litmos account and select the ‘Account’ tab then the ‘Ecommerce’ sub tab

11)   Paste the Tracking ID into the Google Analytics box

12)   Save

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