How can I improve the SEO of my course listings for eCommerce?

Q. How can I improve the SEO of my course listings for eCommerce? Does the use of keywords in our published Articulate lessons (SCORM) work with Litmos and SEO? Does Litmos come with the ability to put the coding necessary on our home page so that Google can "verify" our site? How is our Litmos content made searchable?

A. Content that you upload into Litmos will not be indexed by Google as it is not publicly available, ie. a user has to login to Litmos in order to view it.

If you're selling courses via the Litmos course listing/shopping cart then the sales description text and also the course titles will be searchable by Google. To improve the chances of that page being found by Google you will need to link to it from other websites. For example, you might Tweet or Facebook the links, and post them up on to other blogs, forums, relevant discussion groups etc.

To further improve the SEO of the course description pages I would also recommend making the description more detailed. Generally, the more keyword-rich content you have in the description the better. 

Also to track your page views you can use Google Analytics. To do this you will need to copy your Google Analytics account number into the relevant box in your Litmos account under the Account > Ecommerce settings.

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