Assessment – Edit Settings

Edit Assessment settings by opening the Settings tab at the top of the screen.


Assessment settings that can be changed are:

  • Assessment Title – Change the title for the assessment.
  • Description – Write a description the learner can view from the Course Catalog.
  • Code – Set the assessment code.
  • Passmark – This is the required percentage the learner needs to reach in order to pass the assessment.
  • Time Limit – Set the time allotted for learners to spend on the assessment.  For no time limit set to 0 hours and 0 minutes.
  • Nonstop Timer - The timer will continue even if the learner leaves the course.
  • Lock Assessment – Set an assessment to lock after a certain amount of attempts.  This, along with a time limit, can be beneficial to keep students from looking up answers and changing them later.  View this article for more information on attempts.
  • Randomize Answers - All answers for multiple choice questions will be randomized each time a learner takes the assessment.
  • Use Question Pool – Set how many questions from the list of questions to be shown to each learner.  Each learner will see a different set of questions in a different order. Using a pool of questions may discourage collaboration between learners.
  • Review Answers – If this is checked, when a learner finishes all the questions in the assessment they will be able to review and change their questions.
  • Send notification email on user completion – When checked an email will be sent when any learner completes the assessment.  This is beneficial when marking is required and during deadlines.
  • Notification Email – This is the email address the notification will be sent to when the Send notification email on user completion box is checked
  • Display of results – Set the assessment to show the learner which answers they got correct and incorrect on their assessment to show results, never show results, or only show results if assessment is passed or max attempts are reached.
  • Hide Answers – If checked, the learner will not be able to view the correct answers in their assessment results.  The results will only show if the display of results is set.
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