I used iPhone Voice Memos to record an audio file but it won't upload in to Litmos. Why?

When you record using iPhone Voice Memos it outputs your audio as an .m4a file. This type of file cannot be uploaded in to Litmos as an audio module because we only support .mp3 files, which are quite a different format. It's important to note that just changing the file extension from .m4a to .mp3 is not going to work either.

So - the solution! You could download an .m4a --> .mp3 converter but that's not really a good solution. Instead you can set your iTunes up to create an .mp3 version of your file like this:
  1. Open iTunes
  2. Click on iTunes in the toolbar, and then select Preferences.
  3. On the General (default) tab that opens, click the 'Import Settings' button
  4. Select 'Import Using' - mp3 encoder.
  5. Click OK and come back out to your iTunes Library
  6. Assuming you have already opened/imported your .m4a file in to iTunes it should be located in the Music Library list (probably at the very bottom).
  7. Right click on your file and select 'Create mp3 version'. This will create a duplicate of your file below it in the list.
  8. Drag that new file off the list on to your desktop and what you have there is a properly converted .mp3 file to upload in to Litmos as an audio module.
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