Litmos monthly credit card billing

The monthly credit card that you sign up with will be the one that is on file within your account. We bill your Litmos monthly account fee (plus any additional user charges) every month to the card on file, automatically.

  • To find out the dates of your current billing period and therefore your next billing date, go to your Litmos Dashboard and look at the top right side of the screenNext_Payment_Date.png
  • To view all past billing history go to the ‘Account’ tab, then click ‘Billing’ and you can drill down in to any monthly user summary in this area and download invoices.
  • You can change your monthly pricing plan or the credit card that we have on file at any time by logging in and going to the ‘Account’ tab and then the ‘Billing’ area. On the right side click either ‘Change pricing plan’ or ‘Update your credit card’ to update the details.Billing.png
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