Litmos Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum system requirements for using Litmos?


  • A Broadband Internet connection
  • Web browser:
    • Internet Explorer 8+
    • Firefox 2+
    • Safari on Mac 1.2+
    • Google Chrome
  • Javascript and Cookies enabled

Mobile Devices:

  • Apple devices using Safari
  • Android devices using Chrome

While not a requirement Litmos is best viewed using a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768

Is your software hosted on the cloud,  deployed on-site or both?

Litmos is a fully hosted, web-based Learning Management System (LMS). All Litmos accounts are password protected and when you're online using Litmos you are protected by a SSL (HTTPS) secure connection which is the same level used for Internet banking. Our core database and servers are hosted in a world class data center and managed by Rackspace. We also use Amazon's S3 storage technology to store and serve uploaded files. For more information, please see the FAQ page on the Litmos website.

How many courses can I build in my Litmos account?

As a Litmos client you can build as many modules and courses in your account as you like. There are no extra costs associated with or limitations on the number of courses you can build in your account or sell online. You can also have as many users as you like set up in your account as our pricing plans are based on Active Usage which means we calculate the actual number of unique user logins during each billing period (see our Pricing page).

Can I have a System Administrator who looks after all of the training?

Yes. We have 4 levels of permissions for Litmos users: Account Owner, Training Administrator, Team Leader and Learner.  There is no limit to the number of each role allowed in a system.

My courses will use a high degree of graphics - will this work in Litmos?

This is not a problem. A variety of media rich content can be uploaded to Litmos: Flash, Video, PowerPoint, Audio, SCORM.  Additionally, there is an HTML Editor, Assessment Editor, Survey Editor, and more tools to build modules within Litmos.

I'm wondering if you have plans to integrate with other online payment service providers (other than PayPal), such as Shopify, Sage Pay or RBS WorldPay?

Currently we only support course payment via PayPal and Payment Express but we are looking at integrating other payment providers as this question has been asked more than once.  We also provide an integration with Shopify. If you are interested in a particular provider please let us know by email at: and we will respond to your specific inquiry directly.

What happens if I need to make changes to the course content after I've posted it online if feedback indicates particular questions are problematic?

It is very easy to change the content on your computer.  If the content was created outside of Litmos, save the new file and upload it to replace an old one at any time. If you are using the authoring tools within Litmos (created from the "Build" section of the Content tab) you can update the content at any time online and it will immediately update the module.

We are interested in contracting out custom built integrations and customizations, is this a service you offer?

Yes, we have a Professional Services department specializing in Litmos integrations and customizations.  Services range from custom built reporting, Single Sign On, pushing data into or from another system, Custom HTML and CSS, uploading content, and much more. 

Is there any opportunity for my students to send me feedback as they go through a course if they don’t understand something?

Yes.  We have feedback boxes on modules so that students/trainees can send comments back to their Manager or Trainer.  This option is managed from the "Notifications" section located on the right side of the Course Settings.

What is the pricing structure that Litmos offers and are there any extra costs I should know about?

At Litmos we offer a range of pricing plans based on active account usage, so the plan that you choose will include system access for a 'x' number of active users, per Monthly billing cycle. Active Users means that you can have an unlimited amount of users set up within your account, but pricing is calculated based on people that log in to do training during the billing period. It is also very easy to de-activate a user once they have finished their courses so that they can no longer access their account and count towards your user total.

Are there any contracts or hidden fees I should know about?

There are no long term contracts, no set up fees and no hidden costs.  All plans are based on 30-day billing cycles which begins on the day you make your first payment, not the day you sign up for your free trial. You do not need to provide credit card information to sign up for a free trial. Please take a look at our website for more information on out flexible pricing plans.


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