How do the Home, Course Library & My Achievement areas work?

When a learner logs into Litmos they will see their Home page and a list of courses that have been assigned to them.

Alongside the courses is information to help them keep track of their progress through the course and alert them of training not being completed by the due date or courses that have been updated.


To Do, Course Library & Achievements

These three areas are used to help sort all of the Courses that Learners have access to.

Home – This tab shows all Courses and Learning Paths that have been assigned to the student but have not been completed

Course Library – This tab shows all of the courses that are available to the student.

Achievements – When a student completes a course they receive an Achievement. These Achievements will remain whether the student is assigned to the Course or not. Also, if there is a certificate attached to your course it will appear in the Achievements area so the student can download it at any time.

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