Team Admin/ Team Leader

Team Admin and Team Leader access role permissions can be changed to fit your organization's needs.  By default, these roles are identical.

How to use Team Admin/ Team Leader

To set the permissions for Team Admin and Team Leaders:

  1. Log into Litmos as an Account Owner
  2. Navigate to the Account tab
  3. Select the Roles & Permissions tab
  4. Check the box to enable that feature for the access role or uncheck to box to disable it

See below for details on the permissions available:

Different levels





Manage People

User has access to People Tab and can view, add, edit, and delete people.

They can change passwords and assign courses to Learners in their team.

If user has access to manage teams, then user can assign user to team.

User can view people tab but cannot add new users or edit existing users, reset their passwords or assign courses.

Manage Teams

User has access to teams tab and can view, create subteams, update settings, delete, and assign people to teams.


User can view people, courses and settings of teams and subteams.

Cannot add users, add courses, update settings, or delete Teams or subteams.

Manage Courses

User has access to courses tab and can create, edit, assign, reorder, and delete Courses or Learning Paths they have created or any other team admin or team leader in the same team.

Users can add all module types including Video, Scorm, PowerPoint, Flash, Audio, ILT, Assessment, Survey, Page of Information, and Checklist.  Users can duplicate, link, or mirror modules in the courses they can edit.

The courses a Team Leader/ Admin creates will not appear in the Course Library unless an Administrator or Account Owner has marked it to be in the Course Library.

User does not have access to the Courses tab and can only assign Courses or Learning Paths the user is assigned to users in their teams or subteams from people details and assign Courses or Learning Paths to teams from team view.

Give users Team Admin/ Team Leader Permissions

Team Leaders/ Admins will need to be promoted to a Team Leader or Team Admin in a team before they will have permission to access Team Leader/ Admin privileges.  To promote a Team Leader/ Admin:

  1. Navigate to the Teams tab
  2. Select the team the user will need to be promoted to Team Leader or Team Admin of
  3. Select the People sub tab
  4. If the user is not already assigned to the team, assign them to the team by selecting the "Assign people to this team"
  5. Select the grey "Promote" next to the user's name
  6. Select either Team Leader or Team Admin

Note: Because Team Leader and Team Admin is set on the Team Level, a user can be set as a Team Leader for some Teams and a Team Leader for others at the same time.  They will have the appropriate permissions for each of the Teams.  For this reason and for simplicity, they will be listed as a Team Leader regardless of their role in reporting and in their user profile.  

Using Team Leader or Team Admin

The Admin View of a Team Leader/ Team Admin includes a dropdown box at the top of the right column.  Each team the Team Leader/ Team Admin leads will be listed in the dropdown box.  The Team Leader/ Team Admin can toggle between teams by selecting the team they would like to work in from this dropdown and the navigation and information in the Admin View will be specific to the selected team.  


Quick Reports can be filtered to include all teams by selecting the filter at the top of the report and selecting "All Teams".


Note: Teams a Team Leader/ Admin is in but has not been promoted will not be listed.

What Reports Can a Team Leader Admin See?

Team Leaders/ Admins can see all learners who are assigned to Teams they are Team Leaders/ Admins of and they can only see courses they have access to.  Meaning, they can see information for these courses if they are:

  • Assigned (either through the team or individually)
  • The Course is in the Course Library (Account or Team Course Library)
  • The Team Leader/ Admin or other Team Leader/ Admins of their Team(s) created the Course

Team Course Library

If a Team Leader/ Admin has access to edit their Team(s), they will be able to add any course they are assigned to or created into the course library.  

 People Imports by Team Leader/Team Admins:

Q. I am a Team Leader and I'm trying to import users in bulk into Litmos but I keep receiving an error.  What am I doing wrong?

A. Team Leaders have the ability to import users in bulk, however, they can only import people who belong to their team.  Therefore, when a Team Leader does a bulk import they MUST include a team code that they are a team leader for in the csv file.

The team code can be found in the Settings tab of the team profile.

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