How do Team Leaders work?

The Team Leader role in Litmos provides a level of permission that sits between a regular Trainee and a Training Administrator. A Team Leader can be modified to create courses, edit or add Learners, and edit or add Teams for only their teams or new teams.  They can also assign training to those teams/users for courses they have created or are assigned to and monitor their results.

Team Leaders are really useful when you have a large organizational structure and you want to delegate responsibility to people located within various branches, departments or geographic regions.

When someone is a Team Leader of a team that has sub-teams under it, they will also have control over the teams, trainees and results in those sub teams.  However, a Team Leader will only be able to view the courses they are assigned to or have created and therefore may not be able to view all courses assigned to sub-teams of the team they are a Team Leader for.

What does a team leader see?
When a Team Leader logs in to their Litmos account they see the training dashboard view similar to that of a Training Administrator but with the following exceptions:

  • Dashboard tab – Team Leaders can only see their message Inbox and marking required only shows up for people that belong to teams that the Team Leader has control over
  • Courses tab – This is not visible to team leaders who have not been given the permission to access courses as they cannot create or edit courses
  • People tab – If given permission, team Leaders can create users one at a time to add to their team or use the bulk import option and specify team import codes for teams that they want to import users to
  • Teams tab – Team Leaders can only see the teams that they are the leader of and any sub-teams of those teams
  • Reports tab – Team Leaders only see the results for people in their teams or sub-teams including any average scores, time taken etc.  which are calculated across just those people

For more information on the difference of Team Leaders and Team Admins see the article Team Admin/ Team Leader.

How to create a Team Leader

A Training Administrator or Team Leader can promote any member of a team to Team Leader or Team Admin. To do this simply go to the teams tab and find the team that you want to create a team leader in. Then click the “Promote” button and select if you would like to make them a Team Leader or a Team Admin of that Team.


When promoting someone to Team Leader or Team Admin their access level is automatically updated and they will appear in the Team Leaders list on the right side of the relevant team page.

How to remove a Team Leader

In the team leaders list for a team you will see an “X” button next to each team leader’s name. To remove a team leader simply click on the “X” button next to the person that you want to remove.


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