Teams Overview

The “Teams” tab is where you create Teams, add users to Teams and assign training to Teams.

  • Create a Team
  • Add Users to a Team
  • Assign Training to a Team
  • What is the Team code for?

Create a Team

To create a Team, click on the Teams tab. Now press the “Add a new team” button on the top right of the screen


Add Users to a Team

Once you have created a Team you can begin to add users to it. To do this just click on the “Assign people to this team” button on the right side of the page, as pictured below:


(NOTE: If you are assigning people to this team who do not currently have an account with Litmos, then you will select the "Add a new person to this team" button and create a user profile for them. Then they will receive an email with their log in credentials along with which team they've been assigned to) 


Now select the users you would like to add or search for them by typing in to the search box at the top. When you have selected all of your users, click the “Assign” button at the end of the page.

In addition, if you wish to disable email notification of the users assignment to a Team, un-check the Send email nofications box.


Assign Training to a Team

Assigning training to a team is simple from the Teams tab. Just click on the ‘Assign courses to this team ‘ link on the right side of the page, select the courses you want to assign (or use the search box to find them), then press the “Add Courses” button.


Team Library

A Team Library will work similar to the Course Library, however the courses you publish to the Team Library will only be available for the members of that team to self sign-up for.  You can add courses to a team's library by navigating to the team, selecting the 'Team Library' sub tab, and selecting the 'Add Courses To Library' button on the right.  Once you have added courses to the Team Library, a learner will be able to navigate to their Course Library tab and see the courses available for self sign-up.  



What is the Team code for?

The Team code is used when importing users in to your account from a .csv or spreadsheet. See Bulk User Import for more information on the user import process. If you would like to also assign users to Teams up on import this code will need to be entered on the Import .csv file alongside the user’s name.

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