Team Leader FAQs

Do Team Leaders receive automated notifications?
No, Team Leaders do not receive any automated notifications. However, this has been requested before and is on our development list. Please let us know if this is a feature you would find useful.

Can a Team Leader assign a course to an individual in his team?
Yes, Team Leaders can assign courses to individuals that belong to teams that they lead.  However, the Team Leader must be assigned to the course to assign it to users within their team.

Can a time to complete a course constraint be set by a Team Leader?
In most cases, Team Leaders cannot set a time constraint to a course; however, if the Team Leader has access to the Courses tab and has created the course, they can set a time constraint.

Can Team Leaders import new learners to any team in our Litmos account?
No, Team Leaders can only import new learners to teams that they lead, and sub teams of those teams.

Can a Team Leader add new users to their teams?
Yes, they can add users one-by-one or import new users by bulk import to their teams.


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