Learner Dashboard

When Learners log into Litmos they will first be brought to the Learner Homepage. The Learner Homepage is an attractive and comprehensive display of a learner’s training summary. 

The Learner Homepage will give them numbers for: 

  • Courses to-do
  • Overdue Courses
  • Completed Courses
  • Week Login Streak

These statements are complemented by tabs that will allow each learner to find courses that are:

  • All
  • In Progress
  • Past Due
  • Not started

The tabs help learners quickly locate and access courses in a specific state. Once the tab is clicked, arrows on the right and left hand side of the course tiles allow learners to navigate through the courses of each state accordingly.

The right side of the learner homepage can show the following Widgets:

  • Leaderboard section -  Lists learners that have earned the most points and badges. If the learner wishes to view the entire Leaderboard the Learner can select “view all”.
  • Recent achievements - Displays the three most recent achievements for the learner. If a learner wishes to view his or her entire set of recent achievements, the learner can select ‘view all”.
  • News items - Shows a log of latest news posts that have been written by administrators.
  • Calendar - Shows a list of instructor led training sessions and always defaults to the present month. Through this calendar, learners have an ability to view available sessions, registered sessions and past sessions. Learners can click on an ILT session to view the details of the session.

These Widgets can be enabled/ disabled by going to:

  1. Accounts > Themes
  2. Check the items desired
  3. Click Save at the bottom




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    Sherrie French

    I would like to test this before we roll it out.  Can I enable this for testing during off hours and then revert to the original view or will this change be permanent once made?

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